posted on: Saturday, 31 January 2015

I thought it'd be a good idea to start rounding up my favourite looks of the week on my blog. I love spending time on Tumblr and Pinterest, its a great source for inspiration and to just see how people style themselves. Check me out on my Tumblr to see more!

Which is your favourite?


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posted on: Thursday, 29 January 2015

You know how it is… You get something new and you just wear the living life out of it? Hashtag story of my life. For me, it's been these leather biker pants. Feeling cool? Wear the pants. Feeling meh? Wear the pants. Feeling badass? WEAR THE PANTS. If only I didn't get judged for wearing them way more than I should.

I bought these from Zara before the winter sale, so they're not available anymore… *pause for boo's*. However, I have rounded up a few similar pieces above. I just adore the way they add that badass, punk look. I pair these with a lot of things, from oversized jumpers to basic tees. I went for this monochrome look in an attempt to look biker chic and also took these ASOS boots for a spin. Which by the way, are THE comfiest boots I have ever had in my life. I feel no pain, none. I could walk around all day long and my feet will still feel comfortable at the end of the day. That my friends, is rare.

(Also, will be adding coffee/food posts along with the outfits so you know where I wore the outfits. It's mainly coffee dates though.)

What are your thoughts on leather pants?



If there's one thing I should get awarded for, it's my forgetfulness. Awarded or slated? I have a collection of blog images that I've forgot to upload and this is the first. If you caught my Indian GRWM video you would have already seen this outfit, but incase this is what I wore to a close family wedding. I got a lot of comments on that video asking if I was the bride… but nope! We indians, go big or go home! The bride was a complete showstopper and looked beyond beautiful.

 So I purchased this outfit from a small store called Nabisha's in Leicester, it was a last minute find so I was super pleased. I was stuck in a pink rut, I would only look for pastel tones in every store but there just seemed to be mountains beyond mountains of crazy blingy loud, and super colourful pieces (Not quite up my street, I'd turn up to a wedding in a jumper if I could). So I felt extremely lucky when I stumbled onto this piece. Also yes, that is indeed a bag in my hands! The bag was quite the conversation starter, whether someone yelled "THAT IS SO CUTE" or "Have you got Biryani in there?", it got people talking right? I don't actually remember the store I purchased it from, Indian shopping is always such a blur, I never really notice the shop names!

 Any more comments to add to the list I've got for the bag?

 Happy winter!


Camille Charrière X TOPSHOP

Blogger Camille Charrière teamed up with Topshop to create a jewellery line which yes, I totally swooned over. I've rounded up some of my favourite pieces from the collection! I fell in love with the bangle pack, albeit my arms are a little small for them they still look great! I am a sucker for deep gold pieces, would have bought the whole lot but had to control myself. I also opted for this ring which is the perfect minimal yet statement piece, it doesn't say too much or too little. All in all, I really am feeling this line. It's middle eastern inspired yet modern.

 What are your favourite pieces?



posted on: Wednesday, 21 January 2015

One of my most requested videos! Hope you all enjoy this!


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